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Acepromazine Injectable A potent neuroleptic agent with a low order of toxicity The particular value in the tranquilization of dogs, cats and horses Rapid action and lack of hypnotic effect are added advantages

Buy Kynoselen Injection 100mL

Buy Kynoselen Injection 100mL Kynoselen – Product information Kynoselen is a cardiac & respiratory tonic & selenium supplement. Muscular stimulant


Durotic now more commonly known as Lasix — is a powerful diuretic when administered to a horse it causes the kidneys to increase urine production over and above the normal limit.

Fluson 50ml

Fluson 50ml Flumetazone is a synthetic steroid hormone and is a derivative of prednisolone (6 a, 9 a difluoro-16 a methylprednisolone),Fluson 50ml


Lixotinic is a great all around vitamin supplement that is safe to use on all types of horses as well as weanlings over a week old.