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ANALGESIC ANTIPHLOGISTIC In all inflammatory and painful processes, skeletal muscle (arthropathies, myopathies, etc.) stimulates and increases running performance. It reduces the classic signs of inflammation (heat-pain-inflammation). Relieves symptoms of injuries such as arthritis and allergic processes. POSOLOGY and MODE of USE Equine one bottle daily or according to the prescription of the veterinarian VIA INTRAMUSCULAR FORMULA Vitamin B12 2,000 mcg. Vitamin B15 0.200grs. Dexamethasone 0.010grs. Benzyl alcohol 0.200grs. Propylene glycol 8,000grs. Apirogena sterile tri-distilled water q.s. 10 ml.

Sarapin 50ml

Buy Sarapin 50ml Sarapin IV for Horses is known as one of the best supplements and medications for horses. It was designed to help horses recover from wounds, old and weak. When used consistently, it helps to increase the horse's stamina, stamina, strength and flexibility. Sarapin IV was first introduced in 1995. It gained popularity and is now used by many people for horses. At our online store, we have Sarapin IV for horses for sale. Sarapin IV offers the highest quality ingredients that have been proven to be effective in horses. For example, it contains a special blend of herbs and vitamins, including: resistant oak bark, blue fiber, ginseng, and Indian ginseng. All of these ingredients are known to improve the horse's quality of life and relieve pain while increasing energy. The mixture also provides horses with good joint health and good skin and coat condition.