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Anabol 50ml vial

Anabol 50ml vial steroids are a group of compounds which mimic sex and growth hormones in the body. They are typically used without prescription by athletes and bodybuilders in order to build up muscle mass and reduce the fatigue involved in training regimes.


Buscopan Injectable Solution is indicated for the control of abdominal pain (colic) associated with spasmodic colic, flatulent colic, and simple impactions in horses.


CBD Explosion Oral Syrup CBD Explosion Oral Syrup Daily Dose 120ml, is a powerful formula containing 100mg/ml of CBD isolate


Clarithromycin Oral Suspension 125mg/5mL is an antibiotic and this product contains the medication in an easy to use suspension to give

Excede Injectable

  • Excede Injectable -approved for horses. The use of EXCEDE provides veterinarians, horse owners and caretakers peace of mind, knowing they have selected a product that has been demonstrated to be both safe and effective in horses. EXCEDE is available through veterinary prescription only.
  • One-of-a-kind.  As the first and only sustained-release licensed antibiotic for horses, EXCEDE offers a full-course of therapy in just 2 doses for the treatment of lower respiratory tract infections caused by susceptible strains of S. zooepidemicus the most common bacterial pathogen isolated from equine respiratory infections.

Modulis 100 mg/ml

Modulis 100 mg/ml oral solution for dogs 2. QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION OF Modulis 100 mg/ml Each ml contains: Active substance: Ciclosporin 100 mg Excipient(s) Modulis 100 mg/ml : all-rac-α-tocopherol (E-307) 1 mg For the full list of excipients, see section 6.1.




SYNEDEM – 25 ML Anti-edematose, diuretic, anti-inflammatory.


Every 100 ml, it contains: Fursemide 5 g Dexamethasone (21 phosphate) 0.2 g Formulation Agents e.q.


Zycortal is a veterinary medicine used to treat dogs with Addison’s disease. Addison’s disease is a condition, known as hypoadrenocorticism, where the adrenal glands (located above the kidneys) do not produce enough of two steroid hormones, called cortisol and aldosterone. The lack of aldosterone can cause fluid loss, dehydration