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Chloroquine Identical and fraternal twins have additionally been reported to have itched, nevertheless, this was much like children of the identical


BATACAS  is a powerful muscular tonic, generates speed and endurance capability, stimulating oxygenation and blood in muscle.. Is a relaxant that acts selectively upon the central nervous system, decreasing the hyperactivity of the striated muscle without altering its muscular tone and so “breaking” the vicious circle contracture -pain- contracture, also improving blood irrigation and oxygenation. This balances the tone and speeds up metabolite elimination, helping the animal to reach its optimum condition and whole strength. Recommended for training, Excellent pre-race Dose:  2 ml every 100 Kg (220lb) of live weight daily during 3 to 5 days, IV very slow. Formula, 50 ml contain:   pyridoxine chloride B6, 1250mg, dichloroethanoate diisoprophil ammonium B15 1250mg, Orphenadrine Clorh 1000mg, Magnesium aspartate 945mg,

DEXA 5 – 15 ML

Dexa 5 is a potent dexa for race, works on multiple systems and produces an increase in performance, speed and


MAGNUSTROPIN 10IU 5 Vials is used to build lean muscle and prevent weight loss. It helps to regain sexual potency

Androtropin HGH 100iu

Androtropin HGH 100iu Growth hormone (GH) is a small protein that is made by the pituitary gland and secreted into

Azium injection

Azium  injection (dexamethasone) Solution is a synthetic analogue of prednisolone, having similar but more potent anti-inflammatory therapeutic action and diversified