Analgesic Antiflogistic.12p15 In every inflammatory and painful process, skeletal muscle (arthropathies, myopathy, etc.) stimulates and increases the performance in the race.

A180 100ML

In cattle: Treatment of bovine respiratory disease caused by Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida and Histophilus somni sensitive to danofloxacin. For the treatment of acute bovine mastitis caused by Escherichia coli sensitive to danofloxacin. In neo-natal calves: Treatment of enteric infections caused by Escherichia coli sensitive to danofloxacin


Acepromazine Maleate Injection is used for sedation, tranquilization and as a pre-anesthetic agent in horses, dogs and cats.

ACTH Gel Injection- 80IU/ml, 10ml

Description Buy Online ACTH Gel Injection- 80IU/ml, 10ml ACTH Gel Injection- 80IU/ml, 10ml is frequently used 4-6 hours prior to

ADE Farvet 100 ml

FORMULA: Cada ml. Contiene: Vitamina A 500.000 U.I. Vitamina D3 75.000 U.I. Vitamina E 50 U.I. Vehículo c.b.p. 1 ml.INDICACIONES: Para uso en todas las especies con deficiencias vitamínicas; A. D. y E coadyuvante en convalecencia, infecciones, raquitismo, estrés, infertilidad en hembras y machos DOSIS: Equinos y Bovinos: 3-5 ml. Becerros y potrillos: 3 ml. Porcinos, ovinos y caprinos: 2-3 ml. Lechones: 0.5 ml. Caninos y felinos: 0.25-1 ml. VÍA DE ADMINISTRACIÓN: Intramuscular. ADVERTENCIAS: Guárdese en un lugar fresco y seco.

Adequan Canine 2 x 5ml vials

What is Adequan Canine 2 x 5ml vials? Adequan Canine 2 x 5ml vials is recommended for the intramuscular treatment
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شراء حقن هرمون النمو SGF-5000

بصفتك مالكًا للخيول أو الجمال ، يمكنك أن تدرك أهمية منتجات ما قبل السباق لأنها ضرورية لسباق الخيل أو الجمال.

PerMacyl Injection 36ml (pack of 10)

Description   PerMacyl Injection 36ml (pack of 10) Uses Treatment of mastitis in lactating cows caused by Streptococcus uberis, Streptococcus


Buy dexaphenvet Online from our website  dexaphenvet (also known as dexamethasone sodium phosphate) is a potent synthetic corticosteroid used in

Equine medication for routine and emergency care

Acute abdominal pain, viruses, infections, and hoof diseases are only a tiny portion of the equine health problem cocktail. Treating one usually detects the other and is costly, considering you can find horse drugs for sale at all. They are meager in most areas and can get you scouring the most remote locations in an attempt to initiate treatment for your four-legged companion.

First Horse Vet Care is an equine pharmacy that puts your horses and other equine animals first. We are run and created by veterinarians introducing new vet care standards based on medication access, quality measurement, online vet advice, and free shipping to stables.

You no longer need to spend a month identifying your horse’s problem and waiting another month for the medication to be administered. We expedite the process for your animal to receive the proper care when the disease can be effectively cured.

View horse products online for your equine’s disease

Horses and other equine animals are susceptible to countless health issues because of their living environment or uncontrolled activity levels. But when you know the cause, you want to start treatment as soon as possible rather than planning how to transport your horse to a vet clinic.

With First Horse Vet Care, you can buy horse products online based on the health issue:

  • · Viral and bacterial diseases
  • · CNS disorders
  • · Laminitis and other inflammation problems
  • · Bone and muscle disorders
  • · Colic
  • · Irregular heartbeat and other heart problems

Medication that will help your horse should be picked by a vet. If you doubt what your equine needs to see their health on the mend, don’t choose it on your own. Ask for vet advice first.

When the diagnosis and treatment plan is settled, you can buy horse medication online after selecting the type, administration route, and strength. Here we have genuine meds, such as injectables and oral pills, to expand the range of conditions that can be treated and the number of horse breeds that can receive emergency or routine care.

Horse supplements and hormonal solutions

Maintaining proper equine health is an ongoing effort. A good diet plan is of paramount importance to nourish your horse’s body with elements and nutrients that can bolster their well-being, prevent disease recurrence, and lower the risk of new illnesses. 

First Horse Vet Care helps you strengthen your equine’s diet plan and complete it with horse supplements. What’s more, they can double as performance boosters for animals engaged in racing activities and sports. These can only be used if they do not violate tournament rules and are safe for your equine.

Some hormonal solutions can also be phenomenally effective in securing your horse’s higher chances for success. HGH substances perform the double duty of treating natural deficiencies and bringing your equine to the first spot in the racing event.

You are welcome to check out HGH and other horse drugs online, including their dosages and formulation details. We can send them to you quite quickly for emergency care.