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PESO 0.16 kg
DIMENSIONES 9 × 4.5 × 8.5 cm
PRESENTACIÓN 1Unid.(frasNº1+Nº2)

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Androtropin HGH 100iu Growth hormone (GH) is a small protein that is made by the pituitary gland and secreted into

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Biotropin Wellness – 30 vials 6IU is using the most refined technology in order to obtain the highest quality and

Bleeder Breather Injection

Bleeder breather injection potent proprietary formula contains ingredients to promote breathing and eliminate bleeding.  This product WILL NOT TEST.

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Buy Geriostim 120iu online THAIGER PHARMA GERIOSTIM 120IU HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE GH is contraindicated in allergic patients as well as

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Buy Geriostim Aqua Pen 100IU online Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is not only one of the most beneficial hormones our

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Buy Hypertropin 120iu HGH For Sale Online Steroids can result in the enlargement of your existing muscle tissue. But they

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Genotropin Goquick is a growth hormone. Contained in somatropin its structure is comparable with that of growth hormone in the human body. It is used if the growth hormone in the body has stopped or decreased. The use of muscle and bone development occurs at the right rate.

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Description GENOTROPIN 12MG/36IU (Somatropina) pen pre-filed GoQuick INDICATION AND USE What is GENOTROPIN 12MG/36IU (Somatropina)? Somatropina belongs to a group of

Buy Protropin HGH 100iu

Buy Protropin HGH 100iu Protropin HGH Usage Instructions Buy Protropin HGH 100iu (Somatrem) is used to stimulate growth in children.

Buy human growth hormone for grand athletic achievements

What can be more gratifying than watching your gracious equine athlete cross the finish line as a winner? Once your horse is in the middle of the boosted training period, your task is to support its health and power. Luckily, there’s a perfect solution for your ‘mentee’ that would speed up the regeneration of tissues during overloads, dubbed the HGH hormone.

GH is a widely used veterinary energy booster based on the natural human growth hormone. It is a valuable addition to supplements that come in both oral and injectable forms put together by leading veterinary pharmacies. 

At First Horse Vet Care, we have the most varied range of human growth hormone supplements for equine muscle growth and endurance. These are proven formulations to increase the animal’s strength and productivity, pushing it to the skies of horse racing.

New racing abilities with human growth hormone for sale

HGH can act as a performance supplement for enhancing muscle growth, alongside inducing lipolysis that releases great amounts of energy in your racer. Moreover, human growth hormone injections used in horses activate new tissue formation, which enforces the healing process. The substance is applied to racehorses suffering from micro-fractures and stretching caused by overloads.

By adding HGH to your equine’s diet, you can bolster the overall well-being of your animal and open the floodgates for the following improvements:

  • • Speed acceleration
  • • Endurance and mood boost
  • • Stronger muscles and bones
  • • Reduced recovery period

The GH treatment must be conducted with caution and attention to your horse’s health. Before buying the HGH hormone, you should call your vet to ensure your champ is carefully examined and prescribed a healthy dosage. When calculated right, every dose will disclose your equine’s wow-like abilities.

Human growth hormone supplements available for grabs

Focused on delivering the best equine medications and dietary products, First Horse Vet Care has won the trust of renowned horse breeders and jockeys. Professionals are our returning customers for health boosters and supplies, as we always have the needed amount of GH at the most appealing price.

By acquiring human growth hormone for sale directly from producers, we ensure breeders, animal owners, and jockeys can maintain and improve the performance of their equines. If you’re one of them, try a power booster that fits your horse and follow medication treatments approved for it. 

You may also need other supplements for all-encompassing enhancement.