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Acepromazine Injectable A potent neuroleptic agent with a low order of toxicity The particular value in the tranquilization of dogs, cats and horses Rapid action and lack of hypnotic effect are added advantages

Ascorbate 100 ml

Ascorbic acid (vit.C) 250 mg/ml Indications Ascorbate 100 ml In case of fatigue and exhaustion, infectious diseases, convalescence, pregnancy, lactation, poisoning, allergic conditions, bleeding Dosage and administration for Ascorbate 100 ml Intramuscular or intravenous injection, 10 – 250 mg/kg of body weight, corresponding to 0.04 – 1 ml of solution per kg body weight – Cattle, horse, pig (adult): 20 ml per animal – Lamb, Calves, piglets: 10 ml per animal – Puppy, kitten, rabbit: 5 ml per animal


BIO BLOCKER 100ML,The all natural pain blocker for horses Bio Blocker is the only safe & effective pain blocker that does not swab, that really works.

Busol 5 x 10ml

Busol 5 x 10ml contains μg of active buserelin per ml of injection (equivalent to 4 μg per ml buserelin).


Catosal is a solution for injection that is a metabolic stimulant solution with phosphorus and vitamin B12 for cattle, horses, dogs


Dopram 20mg/mL MDV( Doxapram ) stimulates respiration and may be used to start or stimulate respiration in newborn puppies and kittens following a difficult birth or a C-section. It may also be used during or after surgery, or to diagnose laryngeal paralysis. It is not a substitute for proper artificial respiratory support (mechanical ventilation).


Dormosedan Injectable is indicated for use as a sedative and analgesic to facilitate minor surgical and diagnostic procedures in mature horses and yearlings. It has been used successfully for the following: to calm fractious horses, to provide relief from abdominal pain, to facilitate bronchoscopy, bronchoalveolar lavage, nasogastric intubation, nonreproductive rectal palpations, suturing of skin lacerations, and castrations.

EGH 10 ml vial Equine Growth Hormone

Equine Growth Hormone (EGH) is a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. Equine Growth Hormone promotes tissue repair


Fatrocortin is a solution of dexamethasone (16-α-methyl-9-α-fluoro-prednisolone) potent corticosteroid of gifted synthesis, with respect to natural cortisone and corticosterone precursors, with an intense anti-inflammatory and neoglucogenic activity with lower effects on metabolism water and saline.

Isoflurin 250ml

Isoflurin 250Ml PHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES Anesthetic, Isoflurin 250Ml produces unconsciousness due to its effect on the central nervous